4.1. The Competition is  held in two nominations: 
first nomination - "professional performers"
the second nomination is "young performers"

4.2. Singers  who are not older than 36 years old can participate in the nomination "professional performers" (on the  opening day of the contest on October 8, 2018): students of musical universities (including students of preparatory departments), soloists of opera and music theaters, soloists of concert organizations, concerts performers.

4.3 In the nomination  of "young performers" young vocalists participate in four age groups (full years on the opening day of the contest):
the  first group: 9 - 11 years;
the second group: 12 - 14 years;
 the third group: 15 - 17 years;
the  fourth group: 18 - 22 years;


5.1. To participate in the contest it is necessary to send an claim and application-form (application 1) to the e-mail yantsol@yandex.ru.
Also the contestant must send  the following package of documents:
-a scanned copy of the first page of the passport or a scanned copy of the birth certificate 
- - scanned copy of the first page of the concertmaster's passport (if the participant comes with his concertmaster);
-a scanned copy of the graduate certificate of a music school or a certificate from an educational institution
-performer's CV (place of study, work, teacher's name, participation in contests)
- the full program of performances on rounds (the composer, the name of music);
-portrait photo  for  the  booklet (resolution must be at least 500 KB ).

5.2  Documents are accepted only by e-mail from February 15 to July 15, 2018.

Applications which are sent without the full package of these documents or after the specified period, cannot be accepted.

The completed application form, program and CV must be sent in Word format.
Please to be  sure  that your documents are received  by calling to  number  - 89114550088.

5.3 No later than August 1, 2018, an official invitation will be send for each contestant to  the electronic address (e-mail) which is specified in the application form.

5.4. The entrance  fee for the first nomination is 4000 rubles, for the second nomination (all age groups) - 2000 rubles. Participants pay an entrance fee to the Competition Directorate during registration. Without payment of an entrance fee, a participant can  not be  allowed to draft or listening. In case of refusal to participate in the contest  for any reason at any stage, the entrance fee and documents will not be returned.

5.5. Entrance fees go to the goals associated with the successful holding of the contest.

5.6. All contestants must give the  agreement  to the processing of their personal data. The Competition Directorate reserves the right to use all information materials and photographs sent by participants to provide their to  media sources

5.7. The accuracy of the information specified in the application form is the responsibility of  contestant
5.8. The application form, signed by  the candidate for participation in the contest, is a confirmation of the fact that the future participant of the competition fully agrees with the Conditions and the Order of the contest.

6.1. All auditions are conducted publicly. The order of the performance is determined by draft  and is saved  until the end of the competition.
6.2. To  the second round, no more than half of the participants will be admitted in the first round
6.3. To the  third round (in the first nomination) no more  than 7 participants are allowed

6.4. Competitors are evaluated by a professional international Jury, which are approved by the first sitting "Regulations on the jury of the competition".

6.5. The evaluation of a jury member, whose  pupil takes part in the  contest, is not taken into account during  calculating points.

6.6. Members of the jury have the right:
- make the decision on the reduction of the program of the contestant or the termination of his performance with the consent of all members of the jury;
- do not give any prize
The jury's decisions are final and not subject to revision.
6.8. Entrance to the master classes and listening to all tours in  the concert hall of the Kaliningrad Regional Music  College  is free.

Entrance to the grand opening of the contest and the Gala concert, and also to the  closing of the contest  is by tickets and invitations.

6.9. The final decision on all disputable procedural issues, arising in the course of the competition, is   remained  for the President of the competition.

7.1. The Contest management, if it’s necessary, provides a qualified concertmaster for  the contest participant.

7.2. . The Directorate of the competition will not   bear  expenses for transport and  accommodation during all period of competition. Also will  not bear expenses for concertmaster who arrives with the contestant.

7.3. Contestants who received an invitation to participate in the contest and who live in country that has a visa regime with the Russian Federation, must independently apply to the nearest Russian consulate for getting  visa.

7.4. Organizers of the contest do not provide contestants, their concertmasters and other accompanying persons with any types of insurance.
In case of disagreement in interpreting the present conditions of the Eleventh Nightingale, the only correct text is Russian.

8.1. The management and coordination of the competition organizers are carried out by the Competition Directorate.
8.2. The Competition Directorate is headed by the President of the competition.

8.3. Coordinates of the Competition Directorate:
Address: 236022, Russia, Kaliningrad, str. Nosova, 3а - 17.

Art director of the contest – phone number is +79062388734 (Olga Dashkevich)

The executive director of the contest-phone number is  + 79114550088 (Tatyana Denisova)

Official site of the contest: http://www.yantsol.ru

e-mail: yantsol@yandex.ru

Facebook: www.facebook.com/yantsol2018

VKontakte : http://vk.com/club9372732

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